Try A New Thing And Live In Zealous Ebbs.

try a new thing and live in zealous ebbs.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

music outdoors. 15.

Oh hi!
Oh my. Almost an entire week. TANTALIZE fail. No wonder I've been feeling down in the dumps.

Well, today's TANTALIZE was that I got to play outdoors (completely outdoors, no tent/barn/shelter/shell/etc.) with my band Left Turn At Albuquerque. I've played in ALMOST outdoor settings, but never totally out there, under a tree, on a little stage.
Playing out with those guys always makes me feel good, even if the audiences are sparse, or a huge group of Northwestern University freshmen, or non-existent. Tonight it went from sparse, to a huge group of Northwestern University freshmen, and then while it wasn't non-existent (there was the occasional dancing child, which, honestly, is pretty great when that happens) there weren't too many people there by the end of the night. Well, there were mosquitoes, but they're not people. They eat people.

Either way, it was really cool to reclaim the Evanston beach front for myself (long story) and play some music alongside two awesome guys with the full moon rising behind us.

goodnight, moon

Someday we'll play to a sea of thousands. Maybe at the Riv or when I make 50 million dollars and re-open the Uptown Theatre. Or the alien space ship crash site at Millennium Park. But, for now, I'll have to settle for some very playful dogs, a few happy children, bicyclists that stop to listen, our couple of die hard fans (family), and the moon. Could be worse.

How did you TANTALIZE today?

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