Try A New Thing And Live In Zealous Ebbs.

try a new thing and live in zealous ebbs.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

gig at fritzy's. 9.

Oh hi.
Sorry this is a day late. My TANTALIZE happened too late in the day to post it before the actual day was done, and working the morning after you finish a band gig at 1:00am makes for getting to bed asap pretty important.

Speaking of late night band gigs. My TANTALIZE involved a little trio version of Left Turn band gig at a tiny bar called Fritzy's last night. It was my first time visiting AND playing music in that bar. It had a nice little stage area and I think would work really well for solo or duo projects. Not the smallest bar stage we've played, which was a nice suprise.

The gig itself went fine, despite my cough cold, and there were  more people there than I thought there'd be. On one hand, my attitude is that if my music inspires or touches even one person than it's worth doing. On the other hand, there comes a point at which one has to ask themselves where exactly something is going to take them. I think it's time for our band to start looking to bigger and better. The little bars are fun and have their place, but I'm craving more at this point.

slowing it down a little

i should probably buy a real keyboard stand one of these days. the stools were actually perfect though.

How did you TANTALIZE today?

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