Try A New Thing And Live In Zealous Ebbs.

try a new thing and live in zealous ebbs.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

media team video. 3.

Oh, hi!
Today my TANTALIZE was a brand new experience that I was (suprisingly nervous about) with an awesome group of people at the spiritual center that I attend. I'm on the newly formed Media Team and one of the projects we wanted to do was to shoot a welcome video for the website. I've never been in or helped to film a welcome video for anything before, and I'm so glad that I said yes to joining the team! There's still some more shooting to be done, and the technical elements were hilariously low budget at best, but the ideas and vibe and energy in the room totally rocked.

Something that I'm already noticing about doing The TANTALIZE Project is that "going with the flow" in the spur of the moment has become a lot easier.
If taking risks has, at some level, become a project, even the small ones become less of a stressor. Something that Bodhi (the spiritual center) teaches is to let go of suffering. We suffer all the time. Someone cuts us off in traffic, we suffer. Our friend forgets to text us back, we suffer. The line at the coffee shop is too long, we suffer. A huge diagonal street is blocked for a fest, we suffer.
Little things that change my course during the day tend to raise my blood pressure a little. Ok sometimes more than a little. Today there were two in a row. But instead of remembering how annoyed I was about them, I'm simply remembering what an easy morning it was. Why? Because the little "kinks" in my plans forced me to make different choices, and I didn't suffer through them.

Out of my favorite breakfast sandwich, Starbucks? My suffering response would be "UGH. How ANNYOING. How can you be out of everything in stock on a weekend?" (I'd, of course, suffer to myself and then judge myself for getting annoyed about Starbucks). Today it was, out loud, "well then, sure! I'll try a spinch/feta wrap!"
Huge street that was a direct route to the filming site blocked for a fest? My suffering response would be "UGH. I HATE all these stupid summer fests!! Stupid jerks walking around drinking beer and wearing backwords Cubs hats. They are RUINING my DRIVING ROUTE." Today it was "Hmmm...those poor people getting soaked setting up in the rain! I hope the weather clears for them!" I easily found a detour.

Going with the flow and embracing change (and in turn embracing the unknown and taking risks) is helping me to take those trigger moments and put a new perspective on them. And it instantly throws positive energy into the universe. There's a lot to be said for that.
And guess what. The sandwich was delicious. My detour took less time. Shooting the video was really fun.

yes, one of our light sources was a lamp sans shade

Behind the camera.

How did you TANTALIZE today?

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